ABEX – crypto-fiat processing infrastructure instruments

Customizable widget and simple to integrate API for crypto swap and fiat on-off ramp

Example of customizable crypto-fiat gateway widget
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Use ABEX to expand your capabilities in the world of crypto-fiat
Сrypto-fiat processing scheme for wallets and exchanges

Exchanges and wallets

  • deposit fiat via VISA/ Mastercard or a bank transfer
  • convert fiat funds for cryptocurrency
  • do the crypto swap
  • add your pairs to our pool
  • withdraw funds using a credit card
Сrypto-fiat processing scheme for DApp and ecommerce

DApps and eCommerce

  • engage new audience
  • allow your users to pay with crypto
  • convert cryptocurrency into fiat funds
Crypto-fiat processing scheme for listing new tokens


  • list your coins or tokens in the ABEX ecosystem
  • go through all the formalities easily
  • increase your token value without overpaying

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We break the borders and overcome barriers between fiat currencies and the cryptocurrency economy

Scheme how crypto-fiat gateway works

Crypto-fiat gateway beta

Integrate a ready-made payment gateway with convenient KYC and AML procedures to receive and deposit digital assets and fiat funds and withdraw them using bank card

Icon of API for crypto-fiat processing
Allow users to buy cryptocurrency and tokens, deposit and withdraw funds using VISA / Mastercard cards in a few clicks

We will take care of conversion, chargebacks, exchange rate risks, pool of acquirers and processors, expansion of the list of processed cryptocurrencies, AML policy, and KYC procedure

List of cryptocurrencies and tokens for swap, processed by ABEX

Crypto-Fiat swap beta

Exchange cryptocurrencies, add your pairs, or convert them to fiat currencies

Connect an exchange with robust and convenient KYC and AML procedures for instant crypto swap and withdraw digital assets to fiat
Get access to 15 popular digital assets or list your own coins and tokens on our platform. DeFi GEO Protocol will ensure the security of the service
The conversion comes immediately after the confirmation, minimizing the impact of volatility. You pay for what you see: we fix the exchange rate when the order is placed
Icon free for customization swap widget
Flexible functionality: customize the design, choose language and payment systems for fiat on-off ramp. It will increase the DAU and the number of regular customers
Scheme how crypto market maker works

Crypto market making & liquidity provider beta

Attract more traders and projects with excellent trade conditions and high liquidity

Cryptocurrency liquidity

Provide liquidity of a defined cryptocurrency submitting both BID and ASK limit orders on a crypto exchange

Trading volume

Create the necessary trading volume by offering promising tokens but not yet widespread enough


Icon of api for cryptocurrency exchanger
High-speed multi-asset exchange
Icon free for customization swap widget
Customizable swap widget
Icon listing your token/coin on our ecosystem
Listing of your token/coin in our ecosystem
Icon processing of all chargebacks
Processing of all chargebacks
Icon dedicated personal account manager on your side
Dedicated personal account manager
Icon customer-focused and flexibility service
Flexible customer-focused service

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