Have you just presented a startup or created a token? Maybe, you are planning to attract investments for the further development of the project? AB Exchange has an offer for you.

Listing on a cryptocurrency exchange is a great way to make your assets popular, as it will certainly affect their liquidity and price. Being recognized by a first-rate trading platform like Binance is a halfway to success.

Some companies dream of listing on the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. Naturally, they bet on the project benefits and want to become recognized by the market leaders. Others try to add their assets to all possible paid and free platforms. However, everyone has the same goals: to be on CoinMarketCap, to sell and exchange tokens, and to start earning on their own digital assets.

There are more than 400 exchanges in the world, and most of them are not regulated by law in any way. Therefore, they may reveal false information about the course of trading. They look good on paper but do not have the level of activity expected by their counterparts in reality.

Unlike the market leaders, cryptocurrency exchanges with fake trading volumes do not list tokens for free because their earnings do not depend on transaction fees. A limited number of traders use them, still not buying much. Therefore, such exchanges build a business only on the paid token listing. Prices range from 20 to 70 thousand dollars.

Is it worth spending your budget on listing on an exchange that is used by several dozen, hundreds of users as a maximum? A site without real liquidity and with a questionable reputation can harm the project. So how to act to popularize the asset?

Make a win-win deal: become a partner of AB Exchange

Take advantage of AB Exchange’s crypto-processing capabilities: integrate a crypto-fiat gateway beta for fast and secure cross-operations with cryptocurrencies and fiat funds. Accept payments in fiat currencies or crypto, convert them, exchange coins and tokens, and withdraw funds with your credit card.

How does it work?

Connect your platform via API or integrate our widget, and we will add your token to our platforms and create favorable conditions for its listing on partner exchanges that already use crypto-processing AB Exchange. Bypass complex bureaucratic procedures and enlist the support of a reliable partner.

What do you need to do this?

Prepare a White Paper. Tell us why your project is in demand and what problem it solves. If your project is in business or received an agreement on its implementation, it’s an advantage. A White Paper should not be a set of slogans. The technical part description is recommended. 🙂