AB Exchange is a crypto-fiat processing infrastructure based on GEO Protocol. It can be implemented as a customizable widget or simple to integrate API for crypto swap and fiat on-off ramp within your wallet, marketplace, cryptocurrency exchange, or DApp. 

What will you get?

The company’s capabilities will be useful for exchanges, crypto wallets, merchants, DApps, and startups wanting to list their token or NFT on our and partners’ platforms. 

AB Exchange provides a crypto-fiat payment gateway with most payment methods, including Visa/MasterCard for a full cycle of transactions fiat on-off ramp and crypto swap with convenient KYC and AML procedure.

Another benefit is listing of your cryptocurrency coins or tokens without overpaying. We give an opportunity to easily go through all the formalities and increase the value of your digital assets.

AB Exchange can also help with crypto market making and provide liquidity on a defined cryptocurrency by submitting both BID and ASK limit orders on a crypto exchange. 

Why did our partners choose us?

OKX, Trustee Wallet, Sapien Wallet, Settlepay, Paymega, Alice Bob, Tezos Wallet, Magic Powered, and NEAR Wallet appreciate our free-for-customization widget and easy-to-integrate API. 

Users can seamlessly swap digital assets and fiat money without leaving their platforms. Therefore, crypto <> fiat transactions are a convenient payment tool.

There are good reasons for this: ABEX works on its own secure DeFi protocol GEO Protocol. It solves the problem of isolated networks, creating a universal infrastructure layer for uninterrupted transactions. We take care of chargebacks, support, and KYC/AML, сonversion, exchange rate risks, pool of acquirers and processors, and expansion of the list of processed cryptocurrencies. So you will get a worry-free service.

Flexible terms of cooperation and the ability to modernize the technical component according to your needs is another reason to sign a contract with AB Exchange. 

Would you like to know more about AB Exchange? Stay tuned and follow the updates on this page.